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If you have a freestanding stove or fireplace in your home, there is no doubting the fact that hiring a company that renders clean sweep chimney service will prove helpful. Of course, the last thing you want to experience is a clogged chimney.

One of the most serious implications is that it can lead to fire outbreak. Also, studies have shown that it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. This happens when the flue liner of your chimney is blocked. It has been discovered that many people in Houston don’t consider the possibility of hiring a company that renders clean sweep chimney service.


They believe it is unnecessary. Do you know that not sweeping your chimney can expose you to lots of danger?

A typical example is the carbon monoxide poisoning revealed above. This happens when fumes, smoke, and flue vent begins to enter your room due to flue vent being obstructed. Blockage can be caused by leaves, dead birds, bird nests and many other debris. Reports have shown that thousands suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning every year.


Here Is The Perfect Solution


Having read all of the problems stated above that a clogged chimney can cause, there is every reason to believe that you are considering the possibility of sweeping your chimney. The truth is that hiring a professional company is the only way to overcome these problems. Although there are lots companies claiming to render chimney cleaning services, very few of them can meet your expectations.


Do you want to know the best part? Such is the fact that Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is a local chimney sweep company that has proven to be reliable and trusted. If you have been asking a question like “is there any professional company that can perfectly handle fireplace cleaning near me and chimney cleaning near me?”, there is no need since we can help you today.


What To Expect From A Professional Chimney Cleaning?


At Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, we take pride in our job. This is why you should expect nothing short of the best from our chimney sweep service. After contacting us, a chimney cleaning Houston will be sent to your home. Such professional will come with various tools to ensure the process of sweeping your chimney is smooth.

These could be chimney sweep brush, ceramic glass cleaner, power sweeping system cleaning rod, powder-based creosote remover and many more.


Don’t worry about creosote, ashes and other debris falling on the ground and messing up your space. These will be taken care of by the chimney cleaning. A drop cloth will be used to ensure your place is neat after the entire process has been completed. Some of the services we render are:


·      Cleaning your chimney cap

·      Brushing the chimney flue

·      Smoke shelf cleaning

·      Removal of creosote and debris that are behind its flue damper

·      Firebox cleaning and removing ash

·      Damper Cleaning

·      And more


We have standard procedures for every project that require chimney sweeping Houston. These are use of drop clothes, tarps, vacuums and others.


Why You Should Hire Us


There is one major reason why you need to hire the services of a local chimney cleaning company. This is due to how such process is dangerous. For instance, something can go wrong which will bring about damage of important components in your chimney. You may end up spending on repairs.


Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is not only certified. Also, we are insured company.

This simply means that if anything should go wrong during the process of cleaning your chimney, such will be taken care of. You won’t have to spend a single dime. With our track record over the years, you don’t have to worry again about sweeping your chimney.


Affordable Local Chimney Sweep


One of the reasons why many people in Houston are always deterred from hiring a local chimney cleaning is the cost. According to them, chimney cleaning cost can be quite expensive. They are of the opinion that instead of hiring such companies, it is better to stay like that or do the cleaning on their own without bothering about chimney sweep cost.


Are you amongst such persons? Do you know that Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services has one of the most budget-friendly prices around?

Our chimney sweeping services are not only affordable. They are also of the highest quality. This is because our technicians are trained and experienced to handle any kind of sweeping task in your chimney today.


Imagine saving lots of bucks while also getting access to uncompromised services. With us around, you don’t have to bother about chimney sweep near me prices. With a tight or limited budget dirt, creosote and other debris will be removed from your chimney today.

In a nutshell, we are the best option if you have been asking a question like “how can I hire the best chimney sweep near me”? Contact us now to get started.

1. Safety for Your Home And Family

There is nothing more important than keeping your home and family safe while appreciating the chimney or wood stove in the winter. Your chimney is a significant ventilation system that permits smoke, and perilous exhaust to exit your home. A clean chimney implies a more secure and effective home warming system.

A specific measure of creosote and sediment sticks to the pipe and brickwork inside the chimney with each burning fire. At a certain point, when the creosote gets excessively thick, the warmth and consuming ashes from the flame are enough to start a flame in the chimney.

Occasional chimney cleaning can prevent a considerable number of house fires.


Your chimney productivity diminishes when extra creosote accumulates in the fireplace. The excessive circulation of cooler air lessens the proficiency, expecting you to consume more wood and other non-renewable energy sources. Additionally, little birds, rodents, and bugs can block up the vent, forestalling the poisonous exhaust’s getaway. Since the exhaust experiences issues getting away from a chocked chimney, carbon monoxide levels significantly amplifiy.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America reports more than 200 carbon monoxide harming passings every year. An effective chimney cleaning by experts in Houston will build your chimney’s effectiveness with the goal that warm air remains inside, and the hazardous vapor remains outside.


Your pipe is the liner inside your chimney that transfers heat, harmful exhaust, and smoke out of your home. Contact with water or splits may create excessive warmth over time. Drops of water can make your vent crumble quicker when your chimney is not appropriately secured with an approved sparkle arrestor known as a flue top.

We offer professional chimney cleaning services in the Houston Area to check your flue for harm and offer alternatives for a fix.


The masonry fixes are necessary to keep it reliable and stable. After a while of heating and changing temperatures, cracks start to appear in a brick chimney. Our chimney cleaning experts in Houston can offer a detailed examination of your masonry and prescribe fixes to keep it solid and stable.


A wood-burning chimney can arrive at temperatures of 1100°F or more. This makes slag, bits of wood, sediment, and different particles cover the vent liner, damper, and masonry with grime and contaminants. Professional chimney cleaning decreases hoarding on these parts so you can avoid expensive chimney fixes.

Moreover, a thorough chimney cleaning can reveal minor issues before they form into more significant and costly chimney fixes.

Well, try not to hold up until it is too late. Keep your home and family safe with chimney sweep services. It will take 45 minutes to an hour to complete the whole process. Contact us right now at (346) 310-1341 and avail The Best Chimney Sweep Services in Houston, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. How often should you have your chimney cleaned?

According to the National Fire Protection Association chimneys and fireplaces of your residence or offices should be examined once in a year. This is how, you can avoid serious and major problems associated with your chimney, fireplaces and vents.

Q2. How do I know if my chimney needs cleaning?

If you notice any of the following sign, your chimney needs cleaning:

  • Oily spots on the wall or poorly burning fires
  • Odors from the chimney
  • Smoke does not go up in the chimney
  • Falling of chimney soot

Get your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney cleaning service provider.

Q3. Do chimney cleaning logs really work?

If you regularly use chimney logs, they will work. But using chimney logs is not enough to get rid of creosote. Seek the help of chimney cleaning professional and avoid major problems related to your chimney and fireplace.