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Dryer vent repair –
Are your vents damaged and you don’t know what to do? Are you aware that fixing such dryer duct is crucial for avoidance of problems like overheating, mold growth, carbon monoxide poisoning and even dryer fires?

Probably you have been asking a question such as “how can I get a company that can help out in dryer vent repair and cleaning near me?” There is no need being worried because Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is existing to meet your needs. When it comes to professional dryer vent repair, there is no other better option than hiring us.


Why Dryer Vent Repair Is Crucial


There are many reasons why you may want to consider hiring a company to handle dryer vent hose repair. One of such is constant or repeated usage. It could also be due to passage of time. All of these are responsible for your dryer vent undergoing repair in order to work as expected.

There is only one way to ensure such dryer vent is fully functional. This is through hiring a professional company like Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services.


With us around, it doesn’t really matter the kind of complication or problem your dryer vent is facing. These could be improper materials, incorrect joint connections or even leaks. All of these can prevent your dryer duct from functioning properly. Many people usually notice some signs and ignore them.

If you don’t know, allowing such dryer vent to work like that can lead to more problems since other components may be damaged.


How We Can Help You


At Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, our utmost priority has always been to ensure your dryer vent is working perfectly. We will carry out all the necessary repairs for such to happen.

Have you noticed any irregularity on your dryer duct? In such case, all you have to do is contact us. We have experienced and dedicated technicians on ground. They will carry out a complete diagnostic inspection.


This will enable them find out what is actually wrong with your dryer vent. There is something you need to know. This is the fact when it comes to dryer vent cleaning and repair, you need a company that is tested and proven. This is because there is little or no room for errors since such can bring about more complications later on.


This is why you need to hire our services today. Our experts have handled different types of dryer vent cleaning and repair services in the past. Whatever problem that is making it less efficient while working will be detected and fixed accordingly. Some of the repairs they can carry out are:


·      Removal of screws

·      Inspecting the in-wall dryer vent box

·      Repairing of breaks in-line

·      Replacement of missing hangers

·      Using foil tape to re-tape joints

·      Replacing of vinyl vents

·      And more


If you want us to update your vent in line with code compliance, such is also very possible. All you have to do is contact us now. With our experts around, there is no need asking a question like “is there any technician that can handle professional dryer vent repair service near me?” It is worthy of note to also point out that our experts know how to connect dryer vent hose perfectly.


Why You Should Hire Us Today


At Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, your safety and comfort are our top priority. This is why we will use materials which are in line with the requirements of government authorities while repairing your vent. You can be rest assured that nothing will be compromised. Also, we have earned the trust and respect of many clients in the past.


This is due to our unrivalled commitment towards ensuring their dryer vents are functioning. Whether your vents have broken joints or they are outdated, Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is the go-to company.


Finally, it is also worthy of note to point out that we are an approved and certified company. Whether you are hiring us to handle dryer vent installation, in wall dryer vent inspection, dryer vent replacement or something else, one thing is always certain. This is the fact that you are safe. This is because our approaches and solutions are 100% sustainable and environmentally-friendly.


Take Advantage of Our Affordable Dryer Vent Services Now


Most companies would charge very high while trying to render dryer vent cleaning and repair services. They will end up doing a shoddy job. This means your problem still persists.

However, Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is very different. This is because our services are affordable and of very high quality.


We are fully committed towards ensuring your dryer vent is working perfectly. Therefore, always think about us whenever you are asking a question like “is there any company that can handle dryer vent installation near me or dryer vent repair near me?” This is because we are existing to serve all and sundry.

Warning Signs That Your Dryer Vent Needs Repair/Cleaning

You can see obvious debris outside the dryer vent opening.

Your clothes feel hot after being dried.

Your clothes smell musty after drying.

It takes longer than 40-45 minutes to dry your clothes.

The room where the dryer is located is unusually hot.

Green Air Home Services provides a complete range of dryer vent repairs.
We ensure that all of our dryer vent repairs utilize materials that comply with the standards set forth by one or more of the following:


International Residential Code (IRC)

Consumer Product Safety Commission

International Mechanical Code (IMC)

National Fire Protection Association


Our Dryer Vent Repair Services Include


Replacing foil or vinyl vents with rigid metal venting materials

Re-taping joints with foil tape

Replacing missing hangers

Updating vents to meet code compliance

Repairing breaks in the line

Removing screws


It is advisable to always perform a routine check on your dryer vent to prevent having soggy clothes and having to deal with excessive lint accumulation. Total neglect of the dryer vent can, in most cases, also lead to mold multiplication and infestation.

Whether you have broken joints or out-of-date vents, Green Air Home Services provides the professional repair services you need. Call us today to schedule your dryer vent repair and cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. What happens if the dryer vent is loose?

If either side of the dryer vent is loose, the room will be filled with the hot air coming through exhaust, and lint me spread on the floor of the room. If you know that any side of your dryer vent is loose, do get it inspected by a professional dryer vent repair service provider.

Q2. Can you duct tape a dryer vent?

No, you cannot duct tape to seal a hole in your dryer vent to avoid leakage. Applying the duct tape to seal a hole in dryer vent might pose serious threats. If this is the case, reach out dryer vent repair professional and get it fixed.

Q3. How do you fix dryer vent flap?

The old caulking is cut making sure the vent is flush against the siding. Then apply latest caulk. If the flap creates problem in closing on its own, clean it once and spray silicon on the pivot point. Still, if the flap doesn’t close, replace it.

Q4. Can you use Gorilla Tape on dryer vent?

No, we will not recommend the use of any Gorilla tape on dryer vent. The most feasible solution to this problem is to get it checked by a professional dryer vent repair service provider.