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Air duct cleaning is a process of removing dirt, dust, and debris from an air conditioning system. This can help improve indoor air quality and prevent mold and other obstructions from building up. Cleaning air ducts is a small task that can result in huge savings down the road.


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Air Duct Cleaning Houston

Air Duct Cleaning Houston, TX

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Air Duct Cleaning Houston – Professional & Affordable

The air inside your house is full of little particles like residue, dust, and pet dander. At the point when your heater or climate control system draws air, it additionally pulls in airborne particles. These contaminants can develop inside the conduits after some time, decreasing wind stream and re-coursing all through your living space. Like heaters and climate control systems, air ducts require appropriate cleaning and support for better performance.

Air Duct Cleaning In Houston, Texas

Why You Need Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

Green Air Duct is the leading provider of duct cleaning services in Houston. Not getting your air ducts cleaned can cause bigger problems down the road, like higher electricity bills and poor air quality. If your home smells musty or you’re having allergies, it’s time to get your air ducts cleaned, Green Air can help.

Houston Duct Cleaning Risks

Houston is a great city, but it poses some risks, The city is pretty dusty, causing your ducts to become clogged up quickly, so it is always good to avoid damage by using an HVAC air duct cleaning service in Houston, TX, at an early stage.

Moreover, the city can experience severe humidity, resulting in your home becoming damp. In that case, there is a real possibility of mold development in your house, especially if you have poor-quality insulation.

Green Air Duct is the leading problem solver! Get in touch with us, and we will fix your issues in a jiffy and provide you with excellent customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, we believe that we are a step above the rest. Our team will do whatever is needed to fix the problem without charging too much.

We Provide HVAC Duct and Vent Cleaning to Fellow Houstonians

We understand that all Texans need assistance with their HVAC systems and home air duct cleaning.

If you are tackling an HVAC issue, we can guarantee that we can help. If you live in Houston or neighboring areas, get in touch with us today. We will rush to your location and get your issues fixed as quickly as possible.

Certified Duct Cleaning Services In Houston, TX

Searching for air duct cleaning near me? It’s important to keep your ducts clean to avoid dirt, dust, and debris buildup, which can cause more serious issues down the road.

Green Air can effectively seal your ducts, spread your climate control system curl, and shield the baseboards. A clean air duct offers many benefits, including:


Improves Air Quality


The air passing through your air ducts is what your family breathes every single day. If ducts remain unclean, they can harbor contaminants and circulate them throughout your living space.

These airborne particles can pose health hazards, especially to people with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Cleaning your air ducts will significantly increase indoor air quality and keep it free from allergens.


Increases Energy Efficiency


Dust and debris restrict the airflow inside and outside your HVAC system components. When the air ducts get clogged, the air system has to consume more energy to perform its job.

Cleaning your Ducts can ensure that your units can work at peak efficiency. This will also help reduce your electricity bills.


Removes Unpleasant Odors


Pets, paint exhaust, smoking, vacuuming, and cooking can all add stale scents to your conduits. These odors will move throughout your house whenever your forced air duct system or heater runs.

Dust and debris accumulation from the ventilation work can also prompt an unpleasant smell. Cleaning your air vents can help you get rid of these smells or odors, providing fresher air indoors.


Protects Your Air System


When the air-flowing system is dirty, it can result in clogged air conditioner coils or contaminated blower wheels. Adding HVAC duct and vent cleaning to your maintenance routine can help you save money on repairs and prolong the life of your HVAC system.

Whether you are having difficulty breathing or your HVAC has a musty smell, Green Air has got your back.


Our Duct Cleaning Services Come With A Guarantee


Cleaning air ducts requires proper knowledge, experience, and equipment. You can trust that we will get the job done efficiently at Green Air. We are the leading service provider of air duct cleaning in Houston.


High-Quality Duct Services


Our cleaning services are unlike any other. We are always using the current state-of-the-art technology in our tools and equipment. We also use eco-friendly and non-toxic products, so you and your family can stay safe and healthy.

Green Air committing to delivering high-quality services that will not break your bank. We keep all our services reasonably priced, so our clients can enjoy them with ease.


Skilled and Trained Technicians


Our highly skilled team of professionals can help make your home cleaner, healthier, and more energy-efficient. Our specialists know how to handle various types of cleaning tasks properly. They are equipped with knowledge and experience, making them experts in their areas.



Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction


Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services has been serving in the air ducts and vents cleaning industry for years. Our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

We have completed more than 5,000 cleanings that meet the EPA’s safety standards. With our six years of experience, all of our clients are highly pleased with our services.

If you want to find the best “$99 air duct cleaning,” we are capable of providing the right solution for your needs.


We also offer the following services:


HVAC duct & vent cleaning

Cleaning your Ducts and Vents is a process of removing Dirt Dust, Debris, Mold, and obstructions from your Air Conditioning System. Green Air focuses on Cleaning the HVAC system hard to reach places like Air Duct Systems, Air Vents Cleaning, Air Filters, Ductwork, Blowers, and Coils



HVAC duct & vent installation

Central heating and cooling systems use an air or duct distribution system to circulate heated and cooled air through all air-conditioned rooms in the home. Even when properly designed, duct systems must be properly installed to be efficient, and maintain uniform temperatures throughout the home



HVAC duct & vent repair

On the day of installation of your central air duct, expect a process similar to the one described below. Of course, the actual steps may vary from one contractor to another.



Ductwork Cleaning

Ductwork Cleaning is the Air inside your home that is full of little particles like residue, Dust, and pet dander. At the point when your Heater or climate control system draws air, it additionally pulls in airborne particles.



Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning is a process of removing dust, mold, and obstructions from your heating and cooling system. Businesses like Green Air Duct focus on cleaning those hard-to-reach places like Air ducts, Air Vent Systems, Air Filters, and Furnaces.

Our Duct Cleaning Process


Working with us is easy and hassle-free, The process can be summed up into three steps:

1 (Inspection): After scheduling an appointment, our certified technicians will visit your home and inspect your air ducts. The duration of the inspection will depend on the size of your air system.

2 (Estimation): Our technician will give you an estimate based on the inspection findings and scope of the project. We offer several pricing packages in our duct cleaning services depending on your needs. Two or more units will have higher costs.

3 (Cleaning): Once you agree on the costs and tasks needed, we will set an appointed day to complete the job.


Get a Clean Air Duct Today


If you are dealing with any issues in your HVAC system, we can guarantee to help. From cleaning your air ducts to air duct replacement, we have the skills to carry out the job and meet your needs.

Are you looking for reliable air duct cleaning near me in Houston or surrounding areas? Contact our team today for an estimate.


The Air Duct Cleaning isn’t a simple activity. Doing it right takes particular hardware in the hands of a talented expert.

Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services has been serving in the air duct cleaning industry for years. Our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We have completed more than 5,000 cleanings that meet the EPA’s safety standards. With our six years of experience, all of our clients are highly pleased with our air duct services.

If you are looking for The Best Air Duct Cleaning in Houston, TX, contact us right now at 346-310-1341 or visit our website for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Can dirty air ducts make you sick?

Yes, dirty air ducts can cause respiratory infections. So, if you family members are falling sick more than normal, experiencing low-grade fever, facing regular problem of cough – this all might be due to dirty air ducts.

Q2. Does cleaning air duct reduce smoke smell?

Yes, cleaning of air ducts will remove the smell of smoke from your house. The cleaning of air duct belongs to the removal of all contaminants including tobacco smoke residues present in the duct. Once the system is clean, you will not experience the smell of smoke anymore.

Q3. What if you do not clean your air ducts?

If you do not get your air ducts cleaned in time, it will cause health problems for you and your family members. Water vapors that enter air ducts from outside create moisturized environment inside the duct that paves the way for mold growth. Coughing, sneezing, low-grade fevers and other respiratory diseases may emerge due to uncleaned air ducts.