Chimney Repair Houston, Texas

Chimney Repair
Chimney Repair in Houston, TX
Chimney Repair
Chimney Repair in Houston, TX
Chimney Repair
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Chimney Repair
Chimney Crown Repair
Chimneys are the culmination of a house to keep soot and smoke out of the building. They are most exposed to the elements and hardest hit by the weather. Although they can stand up to Mother Nature, they do not last forever. They are usually constructed of mortar, bricks, and similar materials that can deteriorate over time.

Chimney repair is an essential yet often ignored part of the house. Apart from the chimney sweep, very few homeowners are aware of the repairs or maintenance their chimney may require.

Leaving the chimney in bad conditions can generate additional expenses and endanger the health of everyone inside the house.

An inefficient chimney can also increase carbon monoxide levels and other exhaust gases in the room. Therefore, professional chimney repair services are necessary to keep you and your family safe in Houston.

Repair Procedure

Our chimney repair experts are well trained, certified, and have years of experience working in this field. To ensure you have a good chimney that functions, our professionals carry out the following procedure:

  • Inspection: First, our repair team will inspect your chimney thoroughly, making sure it is in good working condition.
  • Detailed report: After the inspection, our team will present the results and explain the significant problems in detail.
  • Fast and quiet: We carry out such exercises swiftly and discreetly to avoid complications.

Important Areas of Repair

Our experts at Green Air Home Services are well equipped to deal with any setbacks concerning a chimney repair in Houston, TX. Usually, a chimney requires only minor repairs, but sometimes there are major defects in the structure that needs correction.

  • Chimney cap: An effective chimney cap prevents water, dust, and debris from entering the chimney. If the plug is damaged, water and debris may enter the chimney, damaging the entire structure.
  • Structural Damage and Crumbling: Initially, it is an easy solution for any contractor. If ignored, cracks in the chimney structure can cause significant problems.
  • Fireplace Repair: The firebox is directly exposed to heat and smoke. This is the part of the chimney that is most likely to be damaged. We recommend having it inspected at regular intervals.
  • Chimney flue: The flue is what prevents you from dangerous gases and exhaust fumes. Keeping it in good condition is essential.

DIY Steps for Fixing Chimney Cracks

  • Select your tools and materials: This usually requires a hammer, a flat utility chisel, safety glasses, brick trowel, 3/8-in pointing trowel, and a joint contouring tool.
  • Remove loose mortar clumps: Break out an old mortar with a hammer and cold chisel or utility chisel. An angle grinder is preferable for larger jobs.
  • Mix the mortar: Mix the mortar as guided by the manufacturer until it is evenly mixed and appears sticky.
  • Fill the joints: Pack the joints closely and leave no space for the strongest joints.
  • Match the new joints:With your contouring tool that matches your joints’ contour and depth, rake the joints.
While carrying out the DIY procedure, always make sure you have protective covers over your skin to prevent direct contact with the mortar. Always try and follow the book’s guidelines so as not to make mistakes that might be too grievous to correct. Also, provide yourself with proper support and scaffolding to prevent even the slightest trip or lethal injuries. If you know you are not physically capable of carrying out such tasks, always contact a contractor to get the job done.

Although DIY projects can be fun, they always pose a risk to you and your family. Therefore, we recommend asking for professional chimney repair services by Green Air Home Services in Houston, TX.