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There are lots of companies claiming to clean ductwork thoroughly in Katy, TX. However, the truth is that many of them have fallen short when it comes to rendering uncompromised services.

You need a company like Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services that is tested and proven. Over the years, our experts have rendered different categories of services in the aspect of professional ductwork cleaning and maintenance. Find out some of the services we render for clients in Katy, Texas.


Air Duct Cleaning In Katy, TX

Do you know there are various ways a dirty air duct can affect your health? Are you aware that such can cause some long-term health implications?

It has been discovered that dirty air ducts can make you vulnerable to cold, cough, sore throat and allergies. In worst cases, it can even make you age much faster. Also, it can bring about an unpleasant smell and odor in your home, which could be very embarrassing, especially when there are guests around.


How Our Professionals Duct Cleaning Can Help Out

You don’t have to bother because our professionals can help you overcome the above nightmares that a dirty air duct can make you suffer. Our highly sophisticated and advanced tools will effectively remove dirt and debris. The number of duct cleaning projects we have successfully handled over the years speak volumes.

Some of the components we will be cleaning are:

supply air vents

HVAC & ductwork system

Blower and evaporator coil

Ac duct cleaning and grilles

Supply air ducts & return air ducts

And many more


When your air ducts are cleaned properly by a professional company, you will experience many health benefits. These could be inhaling fresh and clean air. Also, you will not have to struggle with breathing difficulty. Finally, this process can help to remove insects, rodents, mold, and dust.


Never worry about any of these problems again because our technicians are vastly experienced in handling them. They understand how to carry out thorough maintenance for any air duct. Also, they will follow all the required procedures to ensure you and your loved ones are safe during and after the maintenance routine. Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is your best option when it comes to air duct cleaning in Katy, TX.


Dryer Vent Cleaning In Katy, TX

Many people do not consider maintaining their dryer vent in Katy, TX. Even when they do, such is not done regularly.

There are many signs to always watch out for to know when a dryer vent needs cleaning from professionals. For instance, it could be that your clothes are taking very long to get dried.

Also, it could be that such dryer vent is too hot. This can make it experience overheating and eventually breakdown. Another sign is when your clothes are very hot after getting dried. If you don’t know, this problem alone has been responsible for most cases related to fire outbreaks in TX.


Here Is How We Can Help

Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is a company that is dedicated to helping people like you in Katy, TXs, to have fully functional dryer vents. We will carry out all the necessary cleaning processes to ensure such system is working perfectly. The number of fire outbreaks in homes is increasing each year. You can avoid such a nightmare by hiring the services of a professional company like Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services.


Our experts will carry out the following steps during such process:

Identifying the exact location of your vent

Disconnecting the dryer in the most cautious and professional manner

Having the lint vacuumed

Using our tools to carry out the cleanup


Each of the steps that have been outlined above requires experienced hands. This is because something can go wrong, thereby leading to damage of components. You should allow our experts to do the hard work of cleaning your vent thoroughly. They can even help to provide professional advice on preventing any dirty from building up in the future. With Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, your dryer vent will perform optimally.

Chimney Sweep In Katy, TX

Chimney soot has some serious health effects that you need to avoid at all costs. For instance, it can easily enter your bloodstream and lungs. Once this happens, it can lead to problems like heart attack, stroke, asthma and bronchitis. There are worse case scenarios when people have been reported dead.


What Is The Solution?

Trying to do chimney sweeping on your own can still make you vulnerable to the above problem. This is why the best solution is to hire an expert company such as Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services. Over the years, we have managed to handle different kinds of projects on chimney sweep in Katy, TX. Be assured that all of our clients have been satisfied.


Our goal has always been to ensure that your chimney remains clean. We will efficiently remove build-up. This means that you and your family members are safe during the process. Deposits are building up in your chimney due to a lack of maintenance.

Some of the signs to know that sweeping is required are:


When the walls of your fireplace have oily spots

Fire isn’t burning well

Odors start coming from the fireplace

Fires aren’t starting easily

When you are beginning to find animals inside such chimney

And more


Hire Our Services Today

From the above, you can easily tell that Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is a company that understands everything about air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and chimney sweeping. We have all the necessary tools to make these cleaning processes successful. Based on our records, there is no doubt that we are capable of meeting your needs.

Our professionals understand how to render these services without any compromise. They will perform expert air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and chimney sweeping to meet your needs. We are the best in Katy, TX, with an impressive record.

Feel free to contact us today. You will definitely be impressed by the quality of our services. Such is why we have earned numerous positive reviews in the past.


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