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There are numerous reasons why you need to clean your duct system regularly. These could be prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system, helping you to experience true comfort, improved health by getting rid of dust and debris, and reduced energy cost. However, it would help to hire the expertise of a proven company in Tomball, TX, to experience all of the above benefits firsthand. With the track record of Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, you have found the right company which can clean your duct system to perfection.


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Are you still doubting whether we are the right company that can meet your needs in Tomball, TX? Below are some of the professional services that we render.


Air Duct Cleaning In Tomball, TX

Some signs show that your air duct needs to be cleaned. These are when you have constant headaches, coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulty, and low-grade fever.

The mistake many people make is allowing their ducts to remain unmaintained for a very long time. This brings about contaminants like pollen, dander, mold, allergens, and dust. All of these are major threats to your health.


At Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, our mission is to ensure your air duct is cleaned, leading to healthy and fresh air in your home.

Do you have anyone suffering from respiratory illness or any form of allergy? Are there pets around your home? Do you constantly smoke in such a home? These are some reasons why your air duct needs to be cleaned thoroughly.


Our duct cleaning services are amongst the best in Tomball, TX. This is because our cleaners are experienced and certified.

Once they are through with the cleaning process, you will not only experience improved air quality. Also, it can help to reduce operating costs. Your HVAC system is guaranteed to last longer.


You need a professional air duct cleaning company that has seen it all over the years. This is what we offer homeowners in Tomball, TX.

Our professional cleaners have managed to handle different types of cleaning projects successfully. It doesn’t matter how your HVAC system has been built because it can be thoroughly cleaned. After the cleaning, you will notice that dust, pet dander, allergens, grease, and molds have been removed.


Trying to clean air duct on your own is very dangerous. You could end up causing severe damage to your HVAC system. There is no need to rack your brains on how such can happen. This is because we can help you to handle all these tasks.


Dryer Vent Cleaning In Tomball, TX

Do you know that lack of maintenance can make your dryer vent perform below expectations? What about the high chances of a fire outbreak occurring? More than 15,000 fires resulting from burnt clothes in homes are reported annually in the US.

One of the primary reasons for such a problem is failed dryer vent. It has been discovered that most people in Tomball, TX, don’t know when their dryer vents require maintenance and cleaning.

Signs to watch out for:


The laundry is very hot

Excessive lint behind dryer

Lint around the door

Too much pet hair on your clothes

When the laundry has an unusual musty smell

When the vent hood has been damaged

When you haven’t cleaned it for a very long time

When there seems to be excessive lint as well as debris

Once you notice it is producing a burning smell

And more


If you have noticed any of these, it is only a sign that you need dryer vent cleaning, This will make it function well as expected. It is why a company like Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services in Tomball, TX.

Over the years, we have been able to clean various dryer vents. You can be rest assured that unwanted particles will be removed to make it work perfectly.


Some of what we can offer you are removal of clogs and debris, line sanitizing, booster fan cleaning, tap and lint screen cleaning. With us around, you never have to worry again about an underperforming dryer vent. There are numerous benefits you can experience when we render such professional services. These are:


Prevention of any fire outbreak

Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning

Eliminating mold issues

Extending the lifespan of your dryer vent

Helping you to save energy

And increase in clothing life


Chimney Sweep Services In Tomball, TX

Chimney sweeping is very important contrary to the opinion of most people living in Tomball, TX.

Have you ever noticed that your house has the smell of smoke even when there is no fire?

The reason why you are experiencing such a problem is that there is creosote in your chimney. Simply put, it is a sign that your chimney needs thorough cleaning. Under normal circumstances, fire is supposed to generate creosote since it is being used. However, when soot, its by-product begins to build up, there could be some serious problems for you.


For instance, there is the danger of a fire outbreak occurring. Also, you could end up suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Finally, soot build-up can lead to decreased airflow.

Do you want to know the best part? Such is the fact that we are here to meet all of your needs with regards to professional chimney sweep. At Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, we have advanced equipment to make the process successful. Also, our cleaning procedures align with safety standards.


Given the vast level of experience that we have had, your chimney will be cleaned as expected. We have also earned many positive reviews from clients in Tomball, TX.


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Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is a trusted and reliable company in rendering services like chimney sweeping, air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning. To get started, feel free to contact us today. We exist to ensure you enjoy the best of health and improved air. You are just steps away from hiring the best company in Tomball, TX to handle all of the above problems.

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