Remember not to skip your annual chimney maintenance thinking, how much does chimney cleaning cost? if you’re looking to fire up your chimney this winter. According to the National Fire Protection Association, if you burn logs or fire up a gas fireplace, it can lean to structure fires if not inspected every once a year.

According to NFPA’a 2016 report, there have been many home fires and home fire deaths between 2009 to 2013 because of uncleaned chimneys and fire equipment.

How To Avoid Fires?

Creosote is a combustible residue that builds up on chimney walls after the burning of wood. This is the primary reason for chimney flare-ups. Our experts can help you clean all the creosote and other residues from your area. We also recommend using dry wood to reduce the amount of creosote and pungent smell.

How Is A Chimney Sweep?

Although you can clean your chimney on your own, we always recommend hiring a team of professional chimney sweepers for the job. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect the chimney, liners, smoke chamber, exterior firebox. If the structure requires a repair, we shall inform you about the same.

How Much Does An Inspection And Sweep cost?

How much does chimney cleaning cost? Usually, a standard chimney inspection will costs you around $100 to $250. Prices vary depending on how accessible the roof is and the type of chimney you have. At times, if you purchase a bundle offer, you can receive a free inspection and you only need to pay for the cleaning or repair work.

A basic sweep including one level inspection for general safety costs about $125 and $250. If the expert sees that you have creosote buildup, insects in the chimney, and so on, you will have to pay more for a deep clean up. if you’re installing a new chimney, choose a provider that offers lifetime warranty chimney parts.

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