If you have a garage without any windows, you must be already aware that it’s quite challenging to keep it cool during the year’s hot months. To help solve your issue, below, we have 4 amazing ways to keep your windowless garage cool.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan will allow you to enjoy a breeze whenever you enter your garage. Choose an industrial-strength fan to get the most power and to make sure the blades stand up to the debris you may create in your workspace.

Install Attic Vents

You can help the worst of heat escape through your garage attic by installing vents on the house’s gable ends. This is likely the highest point of your house, and through it you will help heat escape as it rises. The airflow you create will help ventilate the space and cool your garage even if it doesn’t have any windows.

Add Insulation

One of the most likely causes of an overheated garage is the absence or lack of insulation. Insulation doesn’t just keep heat in over the winter — it also keeps heat from the sun out in the summer. Adding insulation to the attic and garage door will work wonders to keep your garage cool. This cost-effective job will make any cooling solution more effective.

Consider the Color

Believe it or not, your garage’s color can make a big difference in how much heat your garage absorbs. A light color roof will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your garage cooler compared to black or charcoal gray shingles. Therefore, switching the color is worth it. Similarly, a light garage door and exterior siding will also help cool things down.

The perfect solution to cool your garage will depend on your budget and the ways you use your garage. When going for insulation addition for your attic and garage door, ask for services from experts at Green Air Home Service. To request a free quote, call us at 346-310-1341 .