Some High-Tech Tools Used For Air Duct Cleaning

High-Tech Tools Used For Air Duct Cleaning Service


At Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services, we use the best in market high tech tools used for air duct cleaning task. Before starting your work, our team will explain to you the entire process, and if anything is not clear, please reach out to us with your questions.

We Use High Tech Industrial-Strength Super Vacuums

We use the best vacuums within a 300-mile radius. There will not be any dust particles, allergens, or gunk in your air duct that can withstand our 195 horse-powered vacuum suction. On the other hand, a typical vacuum you can shop from a store near you to pick up sawdust runs typically at just 6.5 horsepower.

Typical vehicles in the U.S. have a 120-horsepower engine, while SUVs have about 200 horsepower. We’re happy to say our vacuums get the job done extremely efficiently and effectively.

We Will Share Before & After Photos With You

We’ll take photos before the procedure and after the process and share them with you to show you how dirty they were and how clean they are now.

It will amaze you to see how clean the ducts look after they have been cleaned and imagine how much better would the air you breathe be after we’ve cleaned the HVAC ductwork at your homes and offices.

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We’re here to help you help your family and colleagues breathe clean air. If you’re looking to have your AC ducts clean, our team at Green Air Home Services is available. Contact us at 346-310-1341. We are glad to help you make your home safer this winter. Call today to know more about high tech tools used for air duct cleaning and make an appointment. Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Service Houston, TX