The local Air Duct Replacement, beginning of fall is a great time to do repairs. The weather allows you to do it comfortably. If you need to get into an attic, it is not such a high risk to your health. This is the perfect time to see if you need an air duct replacement. An air duct may be under windows, in hallways, attics, or basements. When you find one, it needs to be inspected.

Air Duct Replacement


Typically you will need to call an HVAC certified person to inspect your air ducts. At Green Air Home Services, we are able to inspect, clean, repair, or replace your air ducts. We will inspect it for damages. Analyze it’s age and condition, and determine how to proceed. If you have air ducts that are older than 10 years, it is time for a replacement. Joints, seals, and the material of the duct itself will weaken over time.

Poor Airflow

During an inspection we will check for poor airflow. This can mean that the duct needs cleaning. It could simply need repair if it isn’t very old. And in some cases an air duct replacement is necessary. Poor airflow is obviously a problem. It also prevents your thermostat from working correctly. Furthermore, it creates wasted energy, raising your electric bill. This can also lead to allergens and particles making their way into your breathing air.

Mold and Odor

If you notice a smell like sour laundry, you need to have your air duct inspected. This is usually a sign of aging and is a health risk. Odor is caused by bacteria. Therefore, if you can smell it, you are breathing it. This means you are breathing in a toxic particle from mold or mildew. An air duct will either need to be cleaned or replaced in this case.

Abnormal Noises

Loud or abnormal air ducts need inspection. This is due to improper installation. Or it can be more severe. However, it can be as simple as cleaning. It can also be a matter of reinstalling it correctly.

At Green Air Home Services we operate with Eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Therefore, our customers  are safe and satisfied. Schedule an appointment today by calling 346-310-1341 . Or visit our website at . Local air duct replacement