How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

Time for Air Duct Cleaning? There is one major question amongst most people in Houston when it comes to Air duct cleaning. This is whether or not airducts need to be cleaned regularly. Are you amongst those who have been asking such question?

Do you know there are many factors that can determine whether your air duct is due for cleaning?


Under normal circumstances, air duct cleaning services is supposed to be carried out every 2-3years. However, this is not a set-in stone rule as yours may have to be cleaned regularly for optimum performances. Below are some signs to lookout for in order to know the right time to hire a company that is into air duct cleaning Houston.


HVAC Duct & Vent Cleaning

Whenever you start noticing that your vent and duct have become clogged, know that such HVAC system is due for cleaning. Air ducts don’t normally release dust and particles that are visible when they are working. However, whenever you start to notice dusty air, know that the ductwork needs to be cleaned thoroughly.


Clogged Air Filters

It is quite funny that many people in Houston experience the problem of having to change filters regularly without knowing that such is due to lack of maintenance. In simple terms, if your air duct isn’t cleaned as expected, you may end up changing filters over and over again. Sometimes, you may even notice they are clogged few days after being changed. It means there is a more serious problem that needs to be taken care of.


The function of filter is to ensure dust is trapped. It can also do the same for pollen, dander, debris and other dangerous particles. However, it shouldn’t be changed too often as such is a sign that thorough duct cleaning is required.


Unpleasant Odors

This is another primary suspect that you need to find out about. Sometimes, you may perceive unpleasant smell without being able to find their source. If you are always noticing this problem whenever the duct is working, there is every chance that it is the cause.


To be sure about this, it is recommended you go very close to the air registers. Also, hire the services of a professional technician to carry out inspection on your airduct. If there is any need for air duct cleaning service, such will be recommended.


The Presence of Mold & Mildew

There is no doubting the fact that dust is dangerous for health. However, you need to understand that mold poses more danger. Apart from being able to cause respiratory conditions, they have the potentials to spread easily.

Based on this, it is advised that if you ever notice mold and mildew in your vent, ensure to hire the services of a company that renders air duct cleaning services. This will ensure you and your loved ones don’t suffer any health implication.


Poor Airflow

The primary function of your airduct is to ensure improved airflow. Whenever such isn’t the case, know that your airduct is due for cleaning. If you notice the airflow in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom isn’t consistent, there is a very high chance that your air duct requires cleaning.

Time for Air Duct Cleaning?


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