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Are you searching for a professional company that can handle air duct cleaning in Houston, TX ? Do you know that very few companies in this location which understand your needs? The idea of not cleaning your air duct may help you save some money.

However, don’t forget that it can expose you to abnormal health conditions in the long run due to indoor air pollution. These could be breathing difficulty, headaches and many others. If your air duct is not cleaned regularly, there is every chance that unfiltered air can find its way into your home.

Of course, the implication of this problem is that it can bring about indoor air pollution which is very dangerous. It can prove to be costly in the long run. The best part is that all of these nightmares can be taken care of by hiring the services of professional air duct cleaning company like ours.

Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services is a company that can be trusted. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to do a perfect job. They will adopt the best duct cleaning methods to remove dirt, dust and debris and other contaminants from your air duct system to improve indoor air quality.

There are many benefits you can experience by having your air ducts professionally cleaned. For instance, you will enjoy improved air quality. Also, you will spend less on energy bills.

At Green Airduct Cleaning Services, our primary goal has always been to clean and disinfect your HVAC system components. We will remove mold, dust, bacteria and allergens. It doesn’t really matter how they have accumulated. This because our experts will ensure they are all removed.


Our Premium Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Failure to clean your dryer vent can bring about lots of problems. For instance, you could experience a fire outbreak. Also, you are likely to suffer from indoor air pollution.

Another serious problem is that you will be paying high energy bills on monthly basis. It has been discovered that most people in Houston, TX. usually ignore the idea of hiring the services of a professional company to help clean their dryer vents. They are always of the opinion that such problem can be easily handled.


The truth is that there are lots of benefits you can experience by hiring a professional company in Houston, TX, like Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services. Over the years, we have always proven to be trusted and reliable.

Our experts understand how lint and other unwanted particles can be removed from your dryer vent. They have been well-trained to handle any kind of vent cleaning project. Regardless of how your vent has been built, they will always deliver.

Have you noticed any issues with your clothes taking a long time to dry? Do you smell a burning smell? Are your vents exterior hot?

All of these are signs that your vent is clogged with unwanted particles.


Green Air Duct Cleaning & Home Services

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