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Best Way To Clean Your Air Ducts

Most people understand the time required (3-5years) to have their air ducts cleaned. In case you don’t know, this is the only way such system can work very well as expected. The reason is because contaminants will be removed thereby making you to breathe healthy air.

Whenever air ducts are dirty, the quality of your air will be negatively affected. The implication is that you could end up spending more for treatment of such health challenges.


Are you thinking about cleaning your air duct? The problem is that ac duct cleaning can prove to be very technical and complicated especially when you haven’t done it before.

There is no need to rack your brains though. This is because you have come to the right place where everything about ac duct cleaning will be explained. After reading this post, you won’t have to bother about asking a question like which company can handle vent cleaning near me?


Items That You Will Need

Before talking about air vent cleaning, there are items that you need to have in place. Even companies that render professional air duct cleaning services have all of these materials. They are listed below:

  • Vacuum (with hose)
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Screw driver
  • Dish soap
  • A bathtub or bucket
  • Gloves

Safety Tips To Always Remember

Please before starting the process of HVAC cleaning, it is always recommended to ensure safety procedures have been carefully followed and observed. For instance, the heating and air conditioning system has to be turned off. Don’t ever touch anything unless power has been disconnected.


Air Vents Cleaning Steps

The best part is that it doesn’t really matter where your ac duct has been positioned, the steps that are about to be explained will always work perfectly. In other words, it can work with different air vents. Having said all of these, let us get on with the process of Vent Cleaning.

Step 1 – Removing The Vent

This is the first step to be taken. It depends on the vent you are using. There are those that can be easily pulled off. However, some may require you to use a screw driver.

This will enable the screws which are holding the vent to be removed. After that, the vent covers should be carefully lifted up.


Step 2 – Having The Ducts Vacuumed

This is where you will need the vacuum mentioned above. It will be used in cleaning dirt from the ducts. The signs that your duct is producing dirty air are headaches, coughing and sneezing. Using the vacuum and its hose, slowly remove dirt and dust from the ducts.

Please note that you don’t have to go very deep. Your focus should on the area which is close to the vent.


Step 3 – Vent Cleaning

The vent that you have removed as explained above also need to be cleaned. If there is dust, you will need a duster to have such removed. Be very careful with the dust since it can cause some health problems once inhaled.

This is why it is recommended to hire a company that can render professional duct cleaning services. These companies understand how to ensure dust is managed in the most effective ways.


The best form of cleaning is having the vent dusted off in a garbage bag. This will prevent it from flying in the air and causing problems.


Step 4 – Get A Soap And Water

You will need dish soap which is mixed in warm water. The soap that you have chosen to use must be very effective in lathering. This will enable you know whether the water has the required amount of soap. The soap and water can be mixed inside a bathtub, basin, or bucket.


Step 5 – Soaking Your Air Vents

For air vent cleaning to be successful, this is a very important step. Your vent should be soaked inside the basin, tub or bucket mentioned above for around 15-20mins. Please avoid a situation where the soaking may go beyond such time. For instance, your vent can rust when it has been made with steel or iron.


There are some reasons why soaking vent is very important and shouldn’t be ignored. For instance, gunk or grease are responsible for dust piling up on vents. In order to get rid of them, it has to be soaked.


Step 6 – Drying The Vents

Once you have succeeded in removing grease from your vent as explained above, this one is very easy to complete. Clean the vents with a towel to ensure water is removed. Don’t get too worried once there is still little water remaining as such can’t cause any danger.


Step 7 – Replacing The Air Filter

This is part of the air vent cleaning process. For filter to be replaced, you need to head over to where the furnace has been positioned. The reason why this is important is that whenever your vents have too much dust, there is every chance that the filter is due for replacement.

Before going ahead with such replacement, be sure that the filter is clogged. In a situation when it is clear, there won’t be any need worrying about replacement.


Once you have implemented all the HVAC cleaning instructions as explained above, it is high time you switched the system on. You won’t need to bother about dealing with dusty air for some months.


Final Verdict 

One of the benefits for handling ac duct cleaning on your own is that you won’t have to bother about spending money to hire the services of a professional company. Depending on some factors, there are companies that can charge up to $300 (or more) for vent cleaning.

However, note that there are dangers involved once you have decided to singlehandedly carry out the cleaning. For instance, you could cause some damages to important components of your HVAC. There is also the risk of not being able to clean such system thoroughly. The bottom line is that you need a company which renders air duct cleaning service.

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